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BBL or Composite Butt Augmentation? Which Is Right for You? New York, NY
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Achieving a full, voluptuous rear is desirable for men and women alike. Genetics do not always give us the shape we desire but with body contouring, you can achieve a sexier backside. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a world-class plastic surgeon who is renowned for his Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) results. However, not all our patients at Uptown Body Contouring use the BBL to get their rounder, lifted rear. Some patients are better suited for our composite butt augmentation versus the standard BBL surgery.

BBL Versus Composite Butt Augmentation

BBL surgery is wonderful for the individual who has a little extra fat they want gone from an area like their waist or abdomen. The procedure uses liposuction to reduce one area of the body, then transfer the fat removed to the buttocks. This can enhance the body shape in two ways, shrinking one area and enhancing the roundness of the rear.

Composite butt augmentation does use fat transfer to the buttocks like BBL surgery, but it also uses silicone implants. This is a better choice for those who want a larger increase in size than is possible with BBL surgery. It is also recommended for those with very low body fat percentage. If there is not enough fat available to remove, it is hard to create the desired volume in the buttocks.

Composite butt augmentation is very customizable with many different sizes and shapes of butt implants. The implants are inserted through discreet incisions that heal nicely, making them virtually invisible. On top of the implants, a fat transfer is performed to give the buttocks the soft and natural appearance that only fat can provide.

Choosing Your Butt Enhancement Surgery

When you are ready to explore your options for enhancing the size and shape of your backside, you want to choose the best plastic surgeon for your procedure. Dr. Del Vecchio is a highly respected plastic surgeon who has perfected the fat transfer technique, which is important for both BBL and composite butt augmentation surgery. To determine which procedure is best for you, contact our team at Uptown Body Contouring. We can schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio at our center in New York City.

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