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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) New York, NY

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is notably one of the most rapidly growing body contouring procedures in the U.S. and is currently in popular demand by both men and women.

This surgery offers individuals a natural way to get shapelier and more defined buttocks without using an implant.

A Brazilian Butt Lift adds fullness to the buttocks to create the right amount of shape. This is accomplished through a uniquely specialized fat grafting and transfer process, which utilizes liposuction to remove fat from a targeted area of your body and then injects it into your butt.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a leading expert in fat transplantation and uses his own patented method called the expansion vibration lipo filling technique (EVL) to enhance the buttocks. This approach allows him to safely transport fat in large amounts to provide stunning outcomes.

Ethnic BBL

Dr. Del Vecchio is constantly invited to speak at many major plastic surgery meetings because his technique of buttocks augmentation is sought after by many plastic surgeons around the world. As a seasoned plastic surgeon and an internationally renowned speaker on the topic of buttocks reshaping, Dr. Del Vecchio attracts an international clientele who seeks his expertise in body contouring. This includes patients from Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.

You can rest assured that when you visit Dr. Del Vecchio that he will not only help you achieve the voluptuous look you desire but keep your ethnic background, anatomical characteristics, and aesthetic goals in mind when constructing your customized treatment plan.


Caucasian buttocks are usually A-shaped and can be flat in the side view. There is not much of a take-off, or “shelf” to the buttocks. There is often insufficient width in the hip area as well.


African buttocks are typically round-shaped and are often the best candidates for BBL. There is usually a good take-off to the buttocks and sufficient width in the hip area. These patients generally just need volume enhancement to have superior results.


Latina or Hispanic buttocks are mostly square-shaped and can have a low projection. There is not much of a lift to the buttocks and poor width in the hip area, which creates the square shape.


Asian buttocks are typically V-shaped and can appear deflated. The V-shape comes from very narrow buttocks and more fat in the waistline. The objective is to widen the butt cheeks and narrow the lower back or waist area aggressively to achieve a fuller, rounder contour.

Ideal Candidates

The right candidates for the Brazilian butt lift will be assessed to ensure they are right for this treatment. The first consideration is to ensure there is plenty of fat on the body to liposuction for the transfer process. If you are lighter in body weight or have limited fat to extract and purify, you might not be a good fit for this surgery. It is also necessary to have healthy skin laxity. If your skin is loose, sagging, or wrinkled, you may require a surgical butt lift. If you are at a healthy weight, have unwanted fat to extract, and do not want to use a foreign object, such as an implant, this enhancement surgery can be an ideal choice for you.

Surgical Technique

General anesthesia is used for a Brazilian butt lift surgery. It is an outpatient procedure and usually takes approximately 2 – 3 hours (this depends on the amount of fat that is being extracted and transplanted). Liposuction will be used first to extract fat from targeted locations on the body, such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. This process of fat removal is performed precisely and safely. The fat tissue is never subjected to air since it is purified in a sterile centrifuge device. After this process, viable fat tissue is harvested and put into syringes. The final step is the injection transfer where the extracted fat tissue is reinstated layer by layer followed by a gentle massage to ensure the surface is smooth. This phase is repeated multiple times until the desired size and shape has been achieved.

What to Expect

Following a Brazilian butt lift, you will be released home to rest. Keep in mind, there are two areas that need recovery time — where the fat was extracted and your augmented buttocks. Both areas will have some overall discomfort and swelling. Patients should try their best to not place additional weight on the rear end for approximately two weeks following surgery. After the swelling has gone away, results are noticeable, but in the majority of cases, the full outcome is seen in about 4 – 6 weeks. Your rear end will look round and shapely. Even better, the body parts that had lipo may make your result more dramatic if it was implemented on the lower back or flanks.

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