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Torn Earlobe Repair New York, NY

The earlobes are often adorned with jewelry and add to your personal style. However, these delicate ear components can be damaged and torn due to piercings. Whether caused by an injury or aging, torn earlobes can be unattractive and limit the use of some of your favorite jewelry pieces. As part of our facial cosmetic procedures, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Uptown Body Contouring offers quick torn earlobe repair at our clinic in NYC.

Anyone with pierced ears can experience a torn earlobe. The piercing is centered in the middle of the lobe, and earrings can be pulled through the few centimeters of tissue, if caught during an accident or other trauma. The earlobes are made from skin and soft tissue that are easily damaged – it is not as tough as the tissue in the upper ear cartilage. Torn earlobes are a common injury, especially among those who wear dangling earrings.

Another cause of torn or stretched earlobes is aging. The skin on the earlobes loses collagen and elasticity, just like anywhere else. As the skin ages, earlobe piercings can stretch. Heavy earrings and other factors can hasten this process. Once the earlobes and piercings stretch, it is a matter of time before they may tear in half.

Restoring Damaged Earlobes

Torn earlobe repair surgery can be performed at our office at Uptown Body Contouring. This is an outpatient surgery that only requires local anesthesia. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a talented, board certified plastic surgeon who can restore earlobes that are damaged due to stretched or torn piercings. An incision is made to open and suture the skin and tissue back together. Some patients may also need an earlobe reduction if the lobes have stretched due to aging. Once the earlobes heal completely, they can be pierced again if desired.

If you have a torn earlobe or both your earlobes are stretched due to aging, come see us at Uptown Body Contouring. We offer minimally-invasive torn earlobe repair at our New York clinic in Manhattan. Contact our office today to book your consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio or to schedule your torn earlobe repair appointment.

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