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Sagging Jowls Treatment New York, NY

When the skin and tissue around the mouth and chin begin to droop, it can create jowls that make you look older. Lost elasticity combined with gravity pull down the skin and tissue, creating a heavier appearance to the jawline. A facelift can fix sagging jowls and excess neck skin, but not everyone is ready to consider plastic surgery. Another option is sagging jowls treatment, a non-surgical procedure available at Uptown Body Contouring in Manhattan.

Jowling is one of the first signs of aging. The drooping skin and tissue diminish the jawline. Marionette lines often appear that make the mouth look sad as the skin loses elasticity. The main cause of sagging jowls is lost collagen in the skin, a normal part of aging. To restore a firmer lower face and neck, we offer skin tightening and collagen induction treatments.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon and anti-aging expert. He has helped his patients look their best at any age for decades. For patients with sagging jowls, Dr. Del Vecchio can recommend both surgical and non-surgical procedures to firm the skin and restore a defined jawline to rejuvenate the lower face.

Restore a Defined Jawline

The heavy appearance of sagging jowls can hide the jawline and make the face look older. One of the best non-surgical treatments to restore a more youthful and defined jawline and upper neck is RF microneedling. This procedure combines radiofrequency thermal energy and microneedling to increase collagen production deep in the skin. With a series of treatments, the skin and tissue on the jaw and neck can tighten and firm to eliminate sagging jowls.

In addition to collagen induction treatment with RF microneedling, we also offer Botox® and facial filler injections. A combination of different treatments can firm drooping jowls and make you look years younger without surgery.

If you have sagging skin on the jowls, jawline and upper neck, treatment is available to tighten the lower face without surgery. Uptown Body Contouring offers the best procedures for a sagging neck or jowls at our medical clinic in New York City. Contact our office to book your anti-aging consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio.

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