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Patient Financing New York, NY

Plastic surgery is a worthwhile investment in your self-worth and confidence. Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance, and patients usually are paying for their surgery or treatment out-of-pocket. At Uptown Body Contouring in New York City, we help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals by offering plastic surgery financing options to make these life-changing procedures affordable.

You cannot put a specific value on self-confidence. If you feel self-conscious of your misshapen nose or sagging skin, it can impact various areas of your life. Many of our patients tell us that plastic surgery changed their life and it was worth every penny to love what they see in the mirror. You do not need to be rich or famous to have plastic surgery. Many of our patients finance their procedures to make it affordable to look their very best at every stage of their life.

CareCredit for Flexible Payments

One of the plastic surgery financing options we offer at Uptown Body Contouring is CareCredit. You can choose from 0% payment plans for short-term financing or low-interest, longer financing for low monthly payments. You can use CareCredit to pay for your entire procedure, without any upfront costs or payoff penalties. For more information on this flexible, affordable financing option, visit their website or contact us on how to apply.

United Medical Credit

Not sure if you have good enough credit to finance your plastic surgery procedure? Let the financing experts at United Medical Credit help explore your options. Even patients with less-than-perfect credit can qualify for financing for their procedure. United Medical Credit has a network of health care financing institutions they work with to find the best payment plan for their customers. Visit their website to find out more about using their service to be connected with a financing option for your cosmetic surgery.

Do not let financial concerns keep you from feeling and looking your best. Uptown Body Contouring works with top health care lenders to help our patients find the financing they need. To learn more about the plastic surgery financing options we accept, contact our team at our office in NYC.

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