Newburgh NY's Top Buttock Implants Doctor

Buttock Implants Newburgh NY - Uptown Body Contouring - Screen_Shot_2014-12-17_at_10Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is Harvard-trained and board-certified in the United States and in Europe. He brings decades of experience in body contouring with buttock implants to his Manhattan-based practice, Uptown Body Contouring. With his extensive experience in fat transplantation in over 1,000 patients, you can rest assured that Dr. Del Vecchio has the expertise and reliability that very few plastic surgeons in the world can offer. When planning your procedure, Dr. Del Vecchio combines your individual aesthetics with your personal desires to deliver the best outcome.

Buttock Implants

If you desire a firmer, fuller backside, a buttock augmentation with buttock implants can help you achieve your ideal figure. Uptown Body Contouring's patented technique of buttock augmentation is the most efficient in the world, allowing a buttock augmentation to be performed in one hour on average. Also called Brazilian Butt Lift, buttock reshaping, buttock lipo-filling, and buttock injections, buttock augmentation can be performed using buttock implants or fat transplantation.


Currently there are two options for enhancing your buttocks; fat grafting and gluteal implants. During the consultation we will discuss which procedure is right for you. We will also discuss what is involved before, during and after surgery. We will discuss the procedure, the aesthetic goals, and the risks and benefits, including potential complications involved with the procedures. By the end of the consultation, you will have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Dr. Del Vecchio can discuss your needs over the phone, or via Skype and Facetime. He does this each and every week for potential clients around the world. If you want to schedule a virtual consultation or have any questions, please contact our office at (917) 733-2483.