Yonkers NY's Brazilian Buttlift Expert

Brazilian Buttlift in Yonkers NY - Uptown Body Contouring - buttDistinguished New York plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is known worldwide as an authority on breast and buttock enhancement through fat transplantation. His expertise and extensive experience in fat transplantation and Brazilian Buttlift attracts clients from all over the world. At Uptown Body Contouring, our clients diverse in age, ethnicity, and in culture. Dr. Del Vecchio approaches Brazilian Buttlift with care and compassion. You can be assured your procedure will be performed with the personal attention you deserve.

For a fuller, rounder backside or an hourglass figure, a Brazilian Buttlift with Dr. Del Vecchio may be just what you need. Uptown Body Contouring focuses 100% on buttock reshaping and body contouring. Our patented technique of Brazilian Buttlift is the most efficient in the world, allowing the procedure to be performed in one hour on average. Also called Brazilian Butt Lift, buttock reshaping, buttock lipo-filling, and buttock injections, buttock augmentation can be performed using an implant or fat transplantation. Fat transplantation is a specific technique where fat is taken from unwanted areas of your body using liposuction, and is carefully placed in the buttock for enhancement.

For a better idea of what you can accomplish with our successful Brazilian Buttlift procedures, please view Dr. Del Vecchio's gallery of before and after photos. Dr. Del Vecchio is happy to meet with you by phone, Skype, or Facetime to discuss your needs. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to schedule a virtual consultation, we can help you make an informed decision by calling our office at (917) 733-2483.