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Juvéderm New York, NY

Loss of volume in and under the skin is a common problem. As the skin ages, lines and wrinkles form and some facial features like the lips lose volume. Hyaluronic acid is a key component in the skin that keeps it firm and full, but it wanes as you get older. Juvéderm® is a top brand of synthetic hyaluronic acid products that can be used to restore volume in the skin. Uptown Body Contouring offers Juvéderm injections for cosmetic facial enhancements at our clinic in Manhattan.

Juvéderm Ultra™ and other formulas can be used for a variety of cosmetic treatments. These are dermal or facial filler formulas that are designed to add hyaluronic acid into the skin to plump under lines or wrinkles or change the shape of a facial feature. Juvéderm injections are used for enhancement of the lips, creating a fuller, youthful appearance. They can also be used for facial contouring or wrinkle treatment, depending on the formula and procedure used.

Juvéderm Ultra Facial Filler

Juvéderm Ultra and other formulas contain a hyaluronic acid gel and lidocaine to minimize discomfort. The treatment only requires a quick office visit and about 15-30 minutes of your time. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon who has used Juvéderm products since they were first FDA-approved for cosmetic treatment. He understands the best techniques to create natural results that enhance your facial skin and features.

The results of Juvéderm injections are almost immediate. The area treated increases in volume with the HA injection, and it can help increase the natural production of HA and collagen in the skin. Depending on the product used, Juvéderm treatments can last for a year or longer before the injections need to be repeated. There are minimal side effects from facial fillers like Juvéderm. The most common are slight bruising or swelling at the injection sites, which dissipates in a few days. No downtime or recovery are needed after this treatment.

If you want to explore options for fuller lips or reduced wrinkles, Juvéderm injections may be a solution. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss facial fillers and other cosmetic treatments, contact us at Uptown Body Contouring.

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