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Furrowed Brow/Frown Lines New York, NY

The forehead is a very expressive facial feature due to the movement of the eyebrows. When you scrunch your eyebrows, creases occur between your eyebrows and lines may appear across your forehead. As you age, these creases may become etched lines in your skin, creating a furrowed brow. At Uptown Body Contouring, we offer furrowed brow treatment at our clinic in Manhattan.

Frown and worry lines are common brow wrinkles. These dynamic lines are caused by the movement of the glabella and other muscles in the forehead. The glabella lines, or “11s” between the brows, are referred to as frown lines. The horizontal lines across the forehead are worry lines. Both can make you look older and create a grumpy appearance when your face is at rest. The good news is there are non-surgical solutions for furrowed brow treatments available at Uptown Body Contouring.

Worry and Frown Line Treatment

One of the most effective options for furrowed brow treatment is Botox®. Relaxing the forehead muscles with Botox injections can smooth away worry and frown lines to improve the appearance of the brow. Botox is FDA-approved for frown line treatment and the procedure only takes about 15 minutes. The effects of Botox become apparent in less than a week and last about 3-4 months.

For deeper furrows on the brow, filler injections may be recommended. Dr. Danial Del Vecchio at Uptown Body Contouring can examine your skin and determine the best way to eliminate your brow lines. Plastic surgery with a lift procedure can permanently smooth the brow, but we offer non-surgical solutions like skin tightening and cosmetic injections as well. Dr. Del Vecchio will create a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best results for your furrowed brow.

Do not let worry or frown lines make you look older than you feel. At Uptown Body Contouring, we are happy to offer many different furrowed brow treatments at our upscale medical clinic in Uptown Manhattan. Contact our office to book your facial consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio or schedule a treatment at our office in NYC.

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