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Chin Liposuction New York, NY

Do you have a double chin that makes your face look heavier? Submental fat under the chin can occur at any age, and it can distort your profile, chin, neck and jawline. Many people with a double chin are a healthy weight but still have excess fat around their neck and chin due to genetics, aging and other factors. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Uptown Body Contouring offers advanced methods of chin liposuction at our clinic in NYC.

Excess fat under the chin can be a frustrating trait. No amount of exercise or dieting can remove submental fat if you are already at your ideal weight. The “double chin” hides the definition of the jaw, chin and neck, which detracts from a youthful, healthy appearance. Chin liposuction surgery can slim the neck and chin to reveal a more attractive facial profile for both men and women.

Dr. Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation for his beautiful cosmetic results. He has spent decades perfecting his liposuction methods to contour the face and body. If you want to remove your double chin and reshape your jawline, you can trust Dr. Del Vecchio to achieve the best results.

Remove Your Double Chin

Chin liposuction is ideal for individuals with excess submental fat under their chin that still have good skin elasticity. A small incision is placed in a discreet spot under the chin to access the submental fat with a cannula. Dr. Del Vecchio uses various lipo methods and techniques to achieve the best results for each patient. Some patients may benefit from RF-assisted liposuction or RFAL, which can help tighten the skin while removing the excess fat.

Chin liposuction can refine the chin, jaw and neck with beautiful results. If there is excess or sagging skin, a neck lift may be recommended to create the desired appearance.

If your face looks heavy or older due to a double chin, consider the benefits of chin liposuction surgery. Contact our team at Uptown Body Contouring to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio to discuss double chin removal.

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