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Breast Fat Transfer New York, NY

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is internationally known for his exceptional work and stunning results in fat transplantation. Dr. Del Vecchio is a pioneer in Breast Fat Grafting and has been performing this procedure for over 15 years. He has pioneered several innovative methods, including the expansion vibration lipo filling (EVL) and simultaneous implant exchange with fat (SIEF) technique. His paper on breast augmentation published in 2011, won best paper in Breast Plastic Surgery.

The EVL approach is especially noteworthy as it is the safest and best way to insert fat in large amounts. Dr. Del Vecchio is pleased to offer breast fat transfers and composite breast augmentation for women who are unhappy with their current shape or size.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Fat Transfer

Ideal candidates are women who are in overall good health and wish to enhance the size of their breasts with a fat transfer. We also recommend for women to be past childbearing and breastfeeding as these life-transforming events can alter your results. If you already have a thin or lean body, don’t fret. Dr. Del Vecchio has helped countless women of all shapes and sizes achieve their aesthetic goals. For patients who may not have sufficient fat, Dr. Del Vecchio will often recommend that you loosen up on your usual diet and exercise routine to gain a few pounds for your fat transfer. Typically, many plastic surgeons will turn away leaner patients, claiming it’s not possible to achieve a fuller appearance with a fat transfer. However, thanks to Dr. Del Vecchio’s years of extensive experience and expertise, he can help make your dream goals a reality.

Treatment for a Breast Fat Transfer

Dr. Del Vecchio utilizes his ingenious expansion vibration lipo filling method to safely and effectively transfer fat. This approach can be done alone to achieve a more natural look and feel to your bust or in conjunction with implants (composite breast augmentation). The EVL technique uses an advanced liposuction process to extract fat from various areas of the body where excess fat tissue exists. From there, the fat is purified and then transferred to the breasts to enhance their overall size and contour.

What to Expect from a Breast Fat Transfer

There are several benefits and drawbacks to undergoing a breast fat transfer. If performed alone, you will be limited to increasing your bust by only one cup size, some of the fat may be reabsorbed by the body (which means no size increase), and there is minimal to no breast lift with this method. However, when a fat transfer is combined with breast implants, it can offer greater lift, longer-lasting results, and enhancement options (can go up several cup sizes). The most noteworthy benefit of a fat transfer is that it will not only increase the size of your bust but will also make other areas look slimmer for an overall leaner and sexy body contour.

A Natural Approach

If you are unhappy with your bust size or feel self-conscious about your current shape, call Uptown Body Contouring in New York, NY to see if a breast fat transfer is right for you. Thanks to world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, your aesthetic goals can become a reality with a breast fat transfer. This procedure can be performed alone or in combination with breast implants.

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